Pictures by Lily

Unique freehand machine embroidered pictures,  made using Liberty print fabrics

In a range of sizes and constantly changing designs these unique freehand machine embroidered pictures are made using Liberty print fabrics on a linen background.

When designing and constructing these pictures Lily takes time and pays special attention to picking not only the right patterned fabric but also exactly the right colour shade, within the piece of fabric, to create the desired effect.

Inspiration is taken from nature, mindful of the seasons and the love of colour.

Made using tiny pieces of Liberty print over a spectrum of colours, fabric each leaf is individually cut by hand, placed and sewn to create these trees.  Made in different sizes from 50cm to 150cm.

New designs are continually being developed.  These apples and pears are made similarly to the trees, tiny pieces of fabric – half the size of a postage stamp – are used to create the forms. They are then stretched onto canvas.


Prices range from £35 – £150